What is Save?

With Save, you can save consistently towards a unique financial goal. You can save as a lifestyle by cultivating the habit of saving periodically or saving toward a particular goal i.e. plan towards a vacation, your rent, a new car, retirement, or fun activities. 

How much can I start saving with?

You can start your savings with any amount. We do not have a minimum balance or upper limit.

What is a SAFE? 

Safe is used to keep the funds that are being saved towards your saving plans.

What type of saving plans are on Vested?

With Vested's Save, you can;

1. Save towards a goal: This plan helps you save towards short and long-term goals like a vacation, your rent, a new car, retirement, or fun activities.

2. Save as a lifestyle: This plan helps you build wealth by cultivating the habit of saving daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

How many saving plans can I have in my safe?

There is no limit to the number of savings plans you can create in your safe. 

What rates of return do I earn on my savings plan?

We offer competitive returns on our savings plans. Before you create a plan, we will show you the current rate and the total returns you will earn. 

Can I automate payment for my savings plan?

Yes, you can!

For "Save towards a goal", select the plan you want to automate and proceed to toggle on "Automate funding" to automate.

For "Save as a lifestyle", the plan is automated immediately after a plan is created.

Can my savings be paused? 

Yes, you can pause your savings anytime you want.

For "Save towards a goal", Select the plan you want to pause, and toggle on "Pause funding" to pause.

For "Save as a lifestyle", Select the plan you want to pause, then, toggle on "Pause funding" to pause.

When does my savings begin to earn returns?

Your savings start to earn returns the next day after you begin saving on the Vested app and on a daily basis thereafter. Your returns are posted monthly to your savings account.

Is there a breaking fee when I withdraw from my savings?

Vested is committed to helping you stay true and disciplined to your goal and as such, there is a penalty. Unfortunately, you lose all your returns when you withdraw your savings before meeting the set goal. 

When can I withdraw my savings?

You can withdraw your money anytime, but it is advisable to withdraw at the set maturity date.







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