The Vested Pin code serves as an access code required to complete all your transactions within Vested app. This is a four-digit code and must not be disclosed to a third party.

In situations where you fail to remember the pin code, it becomes necessary to reset it as it is needed to complete all transactions on the app. Here are the steps you can take to reset your pin code if you happen to forget it:

1. Go to your Vested app and click on Settings, and then click on Passwords.


2. Click on Reset transaction PIN, when you do this, the screen below shows requiring you to input the email address used to sign up. 


3. Once you enter the correct email address used to sign up, a rest link will be sent to your email inbox.


The reset mail will carry a six-digit token and you will be asked to input the token to continue with the PIN reset. Please note that the reset token expires in 20 minutes.


4. Once the token is provided, you will need to choose a new Vested PIN. This new PIN must be different from your initial PIN.


Once you do this successfully, your PIN has now been reset! You can now continue with all your transactions seamlessly!




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