BVN which stands for Bank Verification Number is one of the information required to fully set up your Vested account.

What is BVN? BVN is an 11 digit unique identifier given to every citizen of Nigeria that operates a bank account, this number can be verified across all financial institutions in Nigeria. The BVN is linked to the name, phone number, and bank accounts of an individual across all Nigerian Banks.

Why do we request your BVN? Your BVN will help us verify your identity and protect you against identity theft. We do this by matching your details with the information on the national BVN database owned by the Central Bank.

Why am I getting a BVN error? A BVN error can occur if the BVN provided is already in use or is incorrect.
In the case of an incorrect BVN, kindly ensure you typed your correct BVN details. You do not know your BVN or you are not sure of the digits? dial *565*0# on your phone to retrieve your BVN.
Why am I not getting the BVN verification code? The BVN verification code is a four (4) digit number sent to the mobile number associated with your BVN to verify that the BVN belongs to you. If your active mobile number is not linked to your BVN, you will not receive the verification code. What can you do?
In this case, you have to visit your bank to link your active mobile number to your BVN. Please submit a request or use the chat button to chat with an agent if your number is linked to your BVN and you still do not receive the verification code. 
Is my BVN secure? Yes, it is! Vested was developed with the security of your information in mind. Customer data is securely stored and encrypted to PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant standards.



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