With Save towards a goal, you can save consistently towards a unique financial goal i.e. plan towards a vacation, your rent, a new car, retirement, or fun activities. 

This article takes you through a step-by-step guide on setting up your Individual saving towards a goal plan.

1. Open your Vested app, go to your dashboard and click on the Save option.


2. Next you choose ' Save towards a goal ' as your saving plan.

Start_a_new_plan.png Saving_options.png

3. Next you name your goal. This should be the name of the event you are saving for. i.e. If you are saving towards going to college and paying your tuition with ease, the name of your Save towards a goal plan could be College Tuition as seen below:


4. Next step is to choose your savings duration. How many months do you intend for this goal to last?


5. Once you choose your savings duration, your expected total earnings at the end of your Save towards a goal period is displayed for your view and consent.


6. At this point, your goal gets more personal as you can choose to add a profile picture. follow the picture guide to know-how.

Choose_image_for_save.png  Choose_image_2.png 

You can decide to take a quick photo or choose a photo from your gallery.

7. Congratulations! you have gotten to the final step of creating a Save towards a goal plan. Here's a look at how your dashboard will look upon completion.


Please see this article for a guide on how to fund and automate your periodic payments.





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