How do I fund my Vested wallet?

You can fund your vested wallet by using a debit card or by using the bank transfer option.

Funding your wallet gives you access to use all the vested services, you can buy airtime, pay bills, set up and fund a joint account, start a savings and investment plan, etc. 

This guide shows how to fund your vested account;

1. Click on the button on your dashboard that reads Add Fund, then click continue on the next page as seen below.

Add_and_transfer_funds_frame.png      Add_funds.png

2. Choose your preferred amount to add to your account and your preferred funding channel.

Choose_amount_to_add.png  Channel_to_add_funds.png

3. Add funds with your debit card? 

Debit_card_.png   Save_debit_card.png   Paystack_frame_to_add_debit_card.png

To add funds with your debit card, you will need to choose the debit card option, add your debit card details to the system and the amount to fund your account with, you can choose to save the debit card for subsequent transactions (this is advised for a seamless experience) or choose no to save the debit card as shown above. 

You should see this screen below if your debit card was successfully added. Here, you have the option to add more cards and also, delete added debit cards. See this article for more information on adding new cards to your account. 


4. Now that you have successfully added your debit card, you can see your transaction details below:


5. At this point, you will be asked to provide your vested access PIN code to proceed and on the successful provision, your transaction will be completed.

Verify_Pin_code.png Success_adding_fund.png

Can't remember your vested access PIN code? See this article for the next steps to take.   

6. To add funds via bank transfer?

Channel_bank_transfer.png Copy_acc_number.png Copied.png

Choose the bank transfer option on the screen, proceed to copy the account number provided by clicking on the button that reads Copy account number. Once the account number is copied, proceed to your bank app and make the transfer to the account number.

7. On a successful transfer, refresh your dashboard, it should reflect the added amount. Congratulations, you have successfully funded your vested account!





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